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Making Daily Tasks Magical!


REST AND PLAY: Sunday is ruled by the sun, bringing vibrant, successful and positive energy to any task. Above all, the sun symbolizes harmony in action, making Sunday a great day for enjoying the world around you, and having fun. Try spending time with your family and friends, practice your favorite hobby, Wear yellow, gold, purple, scarlet, bright red, or orange.

SUN CRYSTALS: Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Ruby, Sunstone, or Topaz.


WATER AND FLOW: Monday is ruled by the moon, bringing the powerful element of water into play. In magic we know that water conveys the energy we put into it, helping our work to flow into the goals we wish to achieve. Try cleaning with water, wash the car, do laundry. Take a long luxurious bath. Meditate for longer than usual. Wear colors spotted or striped with white, cream, pale yellow, pale green, pale lavender, pale blue, pearl, white.

MOON CRYSTALS: labradorite, moonstone, opal, clear quartz, turquoise


FIRE AND ENERGY: Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the planet of success, action, and daring. Fire and metal are the featured energies for this day. Save Tuesday for dealing with difficult people and issues, cultivating the warrior energy within yourself and channeling that emotion in the right direction through positive action. Try baking bread or other baked goods, add a fire element to your garden (a grill, fire pit). Wear crimson, fiery red, lemon yellow, red ochre, rust, saffron, scarlet. Practice sewing or knitting (using metal tools).

MARS CRYSTALS: bloodstone, diamond, garnet, red jasper, magnetite


TALK AND WRITE: Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the planet of thought and communication. Take care of all personal correspondences on this day, remind your loved ones of your love for them. Try Write—letters, e-mails, birthday and holiday cards, notifications of important life events. Compose your blog entry. Journal. Study or do research. Wear dusky silver, light blue, azure, dove, or light gray.

MERCURY CRYSTALS: agate, chalcedony, sardonyx, sodalite


SHOP AND SPEND: Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, a planet of long-term good fortune and expansion, often attributed to personal spirituality. This is a great opportunity to run errands that involve large sums of money, charity and your spiritual pursuits. Jupiter's job is to attract positive growth and good fortune. Try starting a new hobby. Expand your collection. Give gifts. Practice divination. Wear red and green, sea green, deep blue or purple, violet, ash, lime, green and gold, and forest green.

JUPITER CRYSTALS: amethyst, green aventurine, jasper, serpentine, sapphire


BEAUTY AND LOVE: Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of earth and growth, the arts and all forms of love. From entertainment to personal beauty and fixing up the place, in all you do, Venus energy can be used dynamically for achieving the higher vibrations of love. Try to perform personal beauty enhancements. Make your home and garden and art-inspired sanctuary. Invite friends and family for a party. Wear white, purple, blue, green, brown, sky blue.

VENUS CRYSTALS: moss agate, emerald, jade, rose quartz


CLEANSE AND RELEASE: Saturday is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limits and rewards for hard work. Reserve Saturday for tackling big projects that take a lot of time and energy and for banishing negative energy to make room for positive energy. Try to clean out the garage, the basement, the attic, overflowing closets (wherever you stick stuff that you don't want to deal with). Pick up clutter, vacuum, wash the windows, re-arrange furniture. Cleanse stagnant air and energy. Make furniture polish and carpet fresheners. Wear black, dark green, dark brown, wood colors, dark blue.

SATURN CRYSTALS: jet, obsidian, onyx, tigers eye

~Please remember these are not my ideas, only ideas from my readings.

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