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Special Ingredient Added

Ahh, acrylic pouring! This painting you would actually call a mixed media piece. I started this pour with a special effect in mind, usually when I do them I just hope for the best.

So I started off gathering my colors, mixing medium, canvas, and miscellaneous supplies and set off on my pour. For this one I did a dirty pour.

I was going for a water theme, using different shades of blues, and greens. I threw in the gold thinking I might use it, but didn't. Here is my flip cup image:

I then proceeded to add some more white to the canvas, I wanted to try to keep most of the color in the center (which didn't really work). I was going for some negative space, which was working until I started to spread out the colors.

Once I manipulated the paint to where I felt everything needed to be, I sat it aside and waited for it to dry. I came back to it the next day and decided I needed to add something else. Again I was going for a water theme, and the pour just looked flat.

OH!! Bright idea, I have seen some pours done with sand. Well glass is made out of sand, and a few other choice elements, so I figured why not? I got out my big ole jar of white frit and mod podge and got to work. Frit is just glass crushed up, in case you were wondering.

I put a layer of the mod podge on the white areas of the pouring, then some frit, and more mod podge. After it all dried I went back to check it again, I think it turned out pretty good. I should of used clear frit though, so you could see more of the pour below the layer frit. I have sprayed this with a clear coat, I need to add a couple more I believe, to try to get a little more shine out of it. I couldn't wait to share so here is the almost finished piece.

I am sure I will be trying this again, adding in some additional tweeks - like less green. There is a lot of texture in this pour, some webbing and lacing. I did manage to get quite a few cells as well. I shall return.........

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