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Before & After DIY

Here are some images of my before and after DIY. The screen project worked pretty well, I never claimed to be a It is a little out of square and could of used some more braces for something this tall, but all in all it is doing its intended job. It ended up costing about $50.00 for all the materials, a lot better then spending over $150.00 on something that I didn't want, or wouldn't cover up the entire furnace. I decided to hang a shower curtain over the water heater area, again simple, cheap fix. The flooring on the other hand, was being difficult so I still have a bit to go to finish that project. I am pretty happy with the mud room, there certainly is more room now, and it isn't filled with eyesores.

The kitchen has been an ongoing project since January. I think I have finally finished it up, well not quite, I need to put up a new ceiling. But that can wait for a while, I need time to re-coop some money, and heal up my wounds. Yes I said wounds, I have managed to cut myself several times, and come home with bruises that I have no idea how I got. Time to spend a little time enjoying the space and work outside since it is starting to be nice!

You never know what crazy thing I will do next! Until Next time.....

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