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Intentional Camera Movement

Camera movement is something photographers try to avoid, let alone do it intentionally. Reading blogs and other information on the internet, all you ever see is every picture must be sharp and in focus. I came across a page with tips for using creative macro photography. The last tip on the page was to use intentional camera movement. I was sitting in my office at work when I tried this the first time. I even still had the images, I didn't delete them because I thought I would take another look at them later. The point is to get at least one item in focus, and the remainder of the frame to capture different effects.

I set my camera to monochrome with 1/6th of a second for the shutter speed, f/22 on the aperture, and a low ISO around 100. The first two images again were taken in my office, under daylight light bulbs. The first image is looking off to the side of my computer monitor with various items in the image. The light trails are from the monitor power light, and a sentsy warmer of all things, lol. Now I am not sure what you see, but I see what could be a billboard, with a passing train underneath it, a waterway and walking bridge with reflections in the center, and possibly a row of shops with distant street lamps.

The second image is also from my desk, it is a sliding window between my office and the front office. It sorta looks like a underground subway, to me. Now you might think I am crazy and maybe I am. I see different things all the time, like faces in trees, fence posts, and even in designs in carpet or tile. There is a word for it: "This psychological phenomenon is known as pareidolia, which refers to the tendency of the mind to discern meaningful patterns in vague or random stimuli." (found in a simple google search) Vague or random sounds

The last four images are of flowers. There is a before and after for each pair. I am not very fond of the way they turned out, they just look blurry to me. Maybe, I just didn't do it right. The black and white, stargazer lilies, has some ghostly movement possibly, and the day lilies in color, have wispy trails. Other then that I really don't have anything to say about them.

Sometimes, it is fun to do things out of the box, you never know what you may end up with. Be brave, be bold, try different things!

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