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Spring Peacock Headpin Set

Lately I have been struggling to make myself light up the torch. It seems like the world is working against me, or is it possible that I have taken on too much? In my defense, I just don't seem happy, unless I am working on some kind of project. Whether it is a remodeling gig, rearranging a room, or changing the outdoor landscape (yet again to all three), coming out of the winter months is just hard for me. I have no inspiration, desire, or time it seems to focus on glass. Anyway, back to the title of this post, Inspiration. Last night, I made myself light the torch after work, instead of plopping down in front of the TV. I was surfing Pinterest trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I then decided to look into my own boards, instead of just the feed. You know, where you put all of those pins, but never go back to look at ever again! Finally it struck me, something to work on instead of just staring at the flame! Over the last few months, I have seen several other lampworkers make peacock theme beads, so I decided to make headpins in peacock colors. I pulled out my wire and rods of glass and went to work.

First I tried a subtle transparent blue with a light transparent yellow, I didn't like the result. There was no pop of color, so back to the glass rack I went. I pulled almost every transparent color I had, then quickly put them back. Next I went for the jewel toned colors, so out came the emerald green, aqua, rubino pink, and teal. As I placed the glass rods on the table, moving them about to see which colors I actually wanted to use, I went with the Aqua and Emerald. I also decided that I wanted the leaves to have a little more punch to them, so I quickly made some thin stringers with silvered glass and went to work. I was particularly happy to open the kiln this morning and find these beauties.

What's on your board? Here is mine:

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