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New Year - New Intentions

Why make a New Year's resolution, when you can set goals at any time of the year! In my experience setting a New Year's resolution, you are putting way to much pressure on yourself. So for several years now, I have skipped the whole resolution thing. I always like to set goals, make lists, and plan things out in advance. Yes, I tend to be a organized person, but after the holidays, and New Year there is so much going on that I tend to lack the energy or motivation to be organized. This year my goal is to set New Moon Intentions every month. Take things a bit slower and get more done! That is a bit of an oxymoron, but let me explain my plan.

The first part of my plan is to organize everything! If I haven't used it or seen in recently, it is gone! I function better when things are put away, and not cluttered. I have to have a clean slate to start out my day, or it seems like nothing gets done. This step in itself is a chore, since I have work, home, cabin, and hobby/craft to fit into the plan. I like to keep busy, so I will immerse myself in my goals.

Second, make a list of to do items, things to make, things to revisit, and to do plans for the future. I currently have four (4) lists, one for my day job, one for household chores, one for remodel/repair at the cabin, and one specifically just for glass goals. Since I do have a day job, the other lists I have let slide. The trick will be to divide my free time between the other three lists, and to not burn myself out on everything thinking they all have to be done right now. I have a whole year to reach my goals! I actually did this step yesterday, but find myself adding to the list

Third, rid my self of distractions, meaning all of those craft projects laying around that are half finished, scratch them off the list. Toss or put away depending on if it really interested me, or if it was just something I wanted to try. I mean seriously, I have all of my glass stuff, painting stuff, crochet stuff, alcohol ink stuff,...... the list goes on and on. Way to many distractions, that definitely do not help me to focus or grow. When things are not put away I spend a lot of time trying to find exactly what I need. Take for instance, I have always wanted to make flowers out of glass, one of the items I needed was waxed linen. I bought some over 6 months ago, according to my amazon orders, but I can't find it! I spent a whole evening looking for it, just ridiculous! Oh this was my first attempt, but guess what I used hemp line because I couldn't find the green waxed linen that I bought specifically for the project.....

My first lily, needs some work, but hey it looks like a lily! Now if i could just find that green waxed linen..... This is also on my list of goals for glass.

I realize the first and third steps are similar, but I am talking about two different aspects, craft/hobby and daily household stuff. My New Moon Intention - Dedicate myself to my goals, use my time wisely and efficiently, and learn to say no.

The next new moon is February 15, 2018 what will your intentions be?

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