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Remodel Dilemma

As some of you know, I purchased a lake cabin back in January, and have been updating lots and lots of things. This is my latest room to make over. It is the side entrance, or mud room if you prefer. Just so you know this is not my, this was the condition I purchased it in. So all of the miscellaneous stuff has been removed, the old metal cabinets are gone, the counter top (behind the 1st screen) has been removed, a new furnace has been added, and new flooring is going in this weekend hopefully, if the yard work doesn't take up all my time! My dilemma, the lovely furnace and the water heater areas. While necessary, the placement is weird to say the least, making the necessity nothing but an eyesore to me! I would like to cover them up, so they are not the first thing visitors see when coming in the door.

I set off to explore Pinterest. I found a ton of ideas of course, but nothing I really wanted. I was searching for something cheap and easy. I finally decided on some kind of screen, as I changed my mind on putting up a wall that would block the path from one room to another. First, I thought about buying a room divider, easy yes, but those are not so cheap. Then I decided to just make my own, easy right?

I like the first screen, the patchwork however would require some sewing, not so easy, and not my thing. The second one, I like because it has 4 panels, it would wrap around the furnace nicely. I believe it is the winner, however I don't really care for the old hospital room divider feel. Which brings me to the actual dilemma! How to make it look right? I want to have it go from the ceiling to the floor, to cover up the entire furnace, I don't want to see it at all! I don't care for the pleated fabric, with open spaces on the top and bottom, either. I have gone back and forth looking for just what I want and came to the conclusion that I will just design my own. It should be easy enough, I mean there are tons of video's, and tutorials on everyday people making everyday items. They all make it look real simple, so what the heck, I am going to try it. Of course, I have designed several things, and had other people make them or gave it a go myself, in the past, so the confidence I have in myself is looking pretty good. If I do say so myself.

I have made my supply list which will consist of the following items:

12 - 8 foot 1x2x8

6 - hinges

Wood glue

Wood screws


Paint/Stain ? (Not sure which I want to do yet, luckily I have both already)

Fabric (Below is an image of what I picked already)

Staple Gun/staples


As with the kitchen, I would like to go for an English Country feel. The floor will the same as the kitchen (plank flooring):

I will paint the walls white and re-stain the trim to match the floor. The fabric I am going to use is red in color old country pattern and I also have some cream colored burlap fabric. The plan is to alternate them on the panels.

Hopefully it will turn out as I plan, we shall see.......

I will have an updated post on the process, headaches, price, and what I should of done differently (in case it is not as easy) upon completion. Wish me luck!!!

Now what should I do to the water heater area? Add a wall and access panel to box it in? Hang a curtain around it? Ideas? Suggestions? I would like to keep the walkway between the furnace and water heater open, so everyone won't have to walk through the kitchen and back around to get to the bathroom.

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